What I Learned from Spontaneously Shaving my Hair Off

Earlier this year I was hanging out with a close group of friends on a Thursday night, celebrating that the school week was over. Late that night, I got the thought to make an appointment at a barber shop for the next day, and to have my hair shaved (a thought that all my friends kindly supported). In the past when I would have severe bad hair days, or when I was sick of braiding it every night and then taking the braids out the next morning, I dramatically thought to just shave it off. Was I having a bad...

How to be Comfortable when Dressing Up

How to be Comfortable when Dressing Up

So many people these days are shying away from dressing up every morning and going off on their day. Ever since the trend of "athleisure" took off, people's biggest focus when it comes to clothing is being comfortable. Although it's important to be comfortable in clothing you wear all day, wearing sweats and leggings, and looking dull and bummish takes the excitement and joy out of fashion. As I dream of days in which looking expensive and over-the-top is on trend, I accumulated a couple of tips on how to look put together, yet still remain comfortable. 

  • Wear soft, loose...

Top International Travel Destinations for this Winter

Top International Travel Destinations for this Winter

Hello and Happy Holidays!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and were able to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. As temperatures get lower and lower, those who are able to chose to flee to warmer climates for sun. I've accumulated a list of the top 5 international travel destinations to check out for this winter, or even for spring break!

Ever since I studied abroad last year in London, I've had an intense case of travel-fever. I'm always wanting to hop on a plane and travel to foreign countries to immerse myself in the culture,...

Top 2 Winter Trends

Monochromatic Red

A current trend that is taking place this fall and is sure to be present in the upcoming colder months is monochromatically wearing the color red. Wearing red head to toe easily creates a bold statement and effortlessly makes women appear confident and powerful, as they should. Although wearing monochromatic outfits may seem to be repetitive and overly-matchy, it is a perfect opportunity for women to combine different textures to add a different dimension to their all red outfits. For example, you can wear red leather over the knee boots with a flouncy red polyester skirt,...

What to do and Wear in Boston this Winter

What to do and Wear in Boston this Winter

Hello and Happy Fall!

As we transition into the colder weather and brace for the snowy months ahead, it's important to remember and appreciate the beauty in winter and the holiday season. There are numerous activities to do in the city to put people in the festive mood, and in this post I will share with you all what places to visit, and more important, what to wear to those locations.

  • Ice Skating in the Boston Common is the ultimate winter activity in the city. Whether you're with your friends, family, or significant other, ice skating under the stars is...