Top International Travel Destinations for this Winter

Hello and Happy Holidays!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and were able to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. As temperatures get lower and lower, those who are able to chose to flee to warmer climates for sun. I've accumulated a list of the top 5 international travel destinations to check out for this winter, or even for spring break!

Ever since I studied abroad last year in London, I've had an intense case of travel-fever. I'm always wanting to hop on a plane and travel to foreign countries to immerse myself in the culture, and learn through my experiences there. With that being said, in my spare time I find myself researching different travel destinations and binge watching travel Youtube videos. Here are the 5 places the stuck out to me the most:

Marrakesh, Morocco 

After spending hours watching videos of travelers visiting Marrakesh, I learned how special this city is. It's a great destination for a small group of friends that love handicrafts and jewelry, architecture, and exploring a face-paced historical cities. From my research, what appeals most to me is the marketplace, where people sell beautiful authentic Moroccan rugs, jewelry and house-ware, and food. I feel as if one gets a great sense of the culture and the atmosphere being in a market, because you can see and talk to the residents, watch street performers, eat, and appreciate everything the city has to offer. With a mild average temperature of 65 degrees in January, Morocco is a great country explore in the colder months.

Venice, Italy

Venice might possibly be the most romantic city on Earth. With it's magical Italian charm, unreal canals and the aroma of food one smells walking around, it's a must see travel destination. Since it was once of the cities I went to abroad, I fell in love with it immediately and know for a fact that everyone needs to travel there. The colorful architecture, the fashion, the boats, and most importantly the food were out of this world. Residents and tourist alike are friendly and slow paced all year around, but the quietest time to go is in December and January since visitors are at a minimum. Although Venice is a wonderful city, it is important to be prepared financially, as it is pricier there, and also pack rainboots since the city is prone to flooding. 

Havana, Cuba

The sunny vibrant Caribbean city of Havana is a great place to warm up if you need a break from the harsh winter months, with its year round hot and humid climate. The picturesque art city located in Cuba is a perfect balance between old and new, an aspect that all tourists notice. Although streets can be filled with cars from the 1950s, and there's a strong jazz scene, nightlife is also present and there are great shopping districts. Perfect for art and beach lovers, visitors can spend all day strolling through different museums, hopping from beach to beach, and eating Cuban food.

The Greek Islands

One can't talk about winter travel destinations without mentioning Greece. With plenty of islands to choose from, every traveler that wants to go to Greece can find an island perfect for them. For a more toned down, relaxing, romantic trip, check out Santorini. Or if you really want to have fun at the beach and experience the nightlife, check out Mykonos or Crete. Regardless, every single one of the Greek islands are ridiculously gorgeous, with architecture and sunsets that can't be beaten. If you are interested in seeing more than one island, there are plenty of cruise lines that offer island tours - traveling from island to island.  

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 

Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to be for those that have a love for the outdoors. With over 30 miles of beaches, there's plenty of time to unwind on the sand with delectable Mexican food. What makes this destination special is the variety of outdoor activities offered. Many visitors scuba-dive, snorkel, fish, golf, and hike when there. Other than water sports, there are many nature and wildlife tours that take place so tourists can seen exotic animals. Cabo is also known for its luxury resorts, nightlife, and casinos, making it a hot spot for the wealthy. 

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