The Fashion Industry's Issue with Body Image


My name is Jordan and I'm an intern here at OKW Fashion. I'm currently in my senior year of college studying fashion merchandising, with a focus in fashion styling and media. When I'm not on campus or interning, I work part time as a model in the Boston area. Between my deep studies in fashion and my experience as a model, I've noted a few concerning things I've observed. 

I was first introduced to the world of high fashion and modeling at a young age, when I was in elementary school. My family and I were highly entertained watching the show "America's...

The Perfect Blouse for Every Body

 Blouses can be worn in many ways. They can be worn instead of a jacket over a tank or another type of base piece.  Additionally, a blouse can be worn as an accent piece and can come in many different types of fabrics. Many people have don’t completely understand the difference between a blouse and a shirt, so here are some simple guidelines. A shirt is generally more androgynous, more tailored.  Blouses tend to add more femininity with beautiful collars, ruffles, cut-outs, close-to-the-body fit dots and style lines.